Daily Cleaning

  • Guests can request a daily cleaner attend during their stay. 
  • The cleaner takes 2 hours for a standard clean, but a short 1 hour service* can be requested.
  • Cleaning services are £12.50 for the first 1 hour & £20 for 2 hours. The cleaner is paid directly on a daily basis.
  • The cleaner has her own set of keys and will let herself in, usually when you have left for the day. 
  • She will make the beds, clean where required and dust surfaces and empty bins.
  • She will vacuum carpets and clean the outside areas.
  • She will clean the bathroom.
  • She will dust surfaces.
  • She will check fridge and freezer for out of date foods and beverages.
  • She will check all windows and doors are closed and locked/bolted.
  • The 1 hour service includes bed making, a brief tidy up and rubbish disposal.
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