House Safety & Security

There is no gas in the property
The apartment is run on electricity including the hob and oven in the kitchen.
The apartment has been rewired and replumbed and is fitted out with smoke and fire alarms hard wired to the electrical circuit with battery backups.
Fire extinguishers are to be found in the kitchen cupboards.  

Approximately 15 metal steps, with handrail, exist between the street level entrance and the front entrance to the apartment.

Guests are requested to take the usual precautions when staying in the apartment. Those should include not opening the door to strangers, meter readers and salesmen.  The front door should be kept closed at all times when not in use and double locked when exiting.

There is outside lighting, which can be left on when going out in the evenings, in order to facilitate a safe return. Exterior lighting should be turned off upon returning. - -
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