Parking Information

Free Parking on Saturdays:

  • Leopold Street Multi-Storey in Ramsgate
  • Mill Lane Multi-Storey in Margate
  • Harold Road Car Park in Cliftonville
  • St Peters Park Road Car Park in Broadstairs

Pay and Display - 2 Hours Max:
10 Minutes 20p and then thereafter a linear charge of 2p per minute rounded
to the nearest 5p is applied up to a maximum charge of £2.40 for 2 hours stay.

Churchfields Place (19 spaces)

Hawley Square (38 spaces)

High Street Margate (Lower End), (26 spaces)

High Street Margate (Higher End) (50 spaces)

Marine Drive Margate (14 spaces)

Mill Lane (13 Spaces)

Northdown Road Cliftonville (90 spaces)

Union Crescent (23 spaces)

Free Parking Nearby:
Free parking 24/7 in several nearby roads. 

Free parking at the bottom of Grosvenor Place under the bridge (approximately 300 metres away)
Tivoli Road
Tivoli Brooks
Marlborough Road
Buckingham Road
Helena AvenueAlexandra Road - -
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