Financial Benefits


The cost of an installed Baxi Ecogen will vary depending on the size and type of your property. You can expect to pay more for an installed Baxi Ecogen than you would for a regular SEDBUK Band A boiler. However, you can get this money back through savings on your fuel bills.

Running Costs

You could save up to £600 on your annual fuel bill. Even greater cost savings can be achieved by using the electricity from the Baxi Ecogen as you generate it. For example, you could do your ironing or washing in the evening when your heating is on.

Feed-in Tariff

The Baxi Ecogen is the only micro-CHP appliance with MCS certification (MCS Certification number MCSCH0033/01). This means that it is eligible for the Feed-in Tariff, providing you with financial assistance. Any electricity that you don't use in your own home, you could sell back to your electricity supplier for an agreed tax-free price.

Electricity suppliers will pay what is called a Feed-in Tariff to householders for every kWh of electricity generated and exported back to the electricity grid. Feed-in Tariffs consist of a generation tariff and an export tariff.

  • Generation tariff - the energy supplier will make a fixed payment of 10p to the householder for every kWh of electricity they generate.
  • Export tariff - the electricity supplier will pay a fixed amount of 3p for every kWh of electricity exported by the householder back to the electricity grid.

The Feed-in Tariff is paid over a minimum period of 10 years from the date the installation is first registered by the installer. To qualify for the Feed-in Tariff, the Baxi Ecogen must be fitted by an MCS certified installer, who will provide you with a FIT eligibility certificate for you to present to your energy supplier.

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