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Whilst it's true that the Baxi Ecogen is the first widely available wall-hung domestic micro-CHP boiler in the UK, the actual thinking behind it is very much tried and tested.

Combined heat and power technologies have long been used to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in commercial buildings, from hospitals to hotels. Other European countries are already benefiting from the large-scale use of CHP technology in the home. In Denmark for instance, CHP accounts, incredibly, for 55% of all electricity generation.

Central heating and hot water are produced by the same technology that has been proven on Baxi's award-winning high efficiency boilers. Meanwhile, electricity is generated by a Stirling external combustion engine, invented by Robert Stirling in the nineteenth Century. 

Generating electricity for your home

The Baxi Ecogen micro-CHP boiler produces up to 1kWh of electricity, that can be used throughout your home. But just how powerful is 1kW?

What can 1kW power?

  • 10 20W light bulbs (0.2kW)
  • TV (0.1kW)
  • Computer (0.1kW)
  • Washing machine (0.6kW) 

All of these combined = 1kW

Maximum cost savings can be achieved by using the electricity from the Baxi Ecogen as you generate it. For example, you could do your washing or ironing in the evening when your heating is on.

Is the Baxi Ecogen for you?

Baxi Ecogen can be wall-hung in your kitchen, utility or garage. In older homes it is also one of the most effective ways of making your house more energy efficient.

  • Is a logical, practical and familiar alternative to a regular boiler and offers some unique benefits compared to other microgeneration technologies (solar, wind turbines)
  • Does not rely on building orientation or weather conditions to generate electricity
  • Does not require planning permission
  • Has an energy meter displaying electricity generation
  • Has a single power connection - no additional wiring required for supply of electricity
  • Can be connected to an existing electricity circuit
  • Is available with a range of dedicated controls for maximum cost and carbon savings
  • Has a large white backlit display for easy visibility
  • Has a service due display
  • Is available in LPG models for off gas areas
  • Is Sustainability Now's Green Innovation Award winner, 2010

Get your hands on a Baxi Ecogen -

Baxi has joined forces with British Gas to ensure that Ecogen is only installed by a fully certified British Gas MCS installer. For your peace of mind, all servicing and aftercare is maintained by British Gas engineers. Servicing costs and intervals (every 12 months) are similar to a standard boiler.

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