Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Are you a landlord or a tenant? 

Fire Safety Regulation in rented properties is changing!

From October 2015 landlords will be required by law to install working smoke alarms in the properties they rent out.
This would bring private rented properties into line with existing building regulations that already require newly-built homes to have hard-wired smoke alarms installed.

Landlords would also need to install carbon monoxide alarms in high risk areas – such as those where a solid fuel heating system is installed.
Landlords that fail to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms could face up to a £5,000 civil penalty. 

Why install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms?

If you are a landlord you know that you have a duty of care to your tenants. A working smoke alarm as part of a home safety strategy is the most critical piece of lifesaving equipment in case of fire. 
All appliances that  burn wood or fossil fuels  (oil,coal, natural gas, kerosene and propane) can emit carbon monoxide  when these fuels are burned without sufficient air or ventilation. If the appliances have been incorrectly installed or maintained, there is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning for the tenants.

How many smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

The new regulations require one smoke alarm on each floor of the home and carbon monoxide alarms in high-risk areas.

This is a minimum as ideally, for full protection, smoke alarms should be installed in every room of the house, excluding the kitchen, the bathroom and garage.
Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in any room with a burning fuel appliance as well as bedrooms.

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