Saniflo Capacitor

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If your macerator motor wont start and is humming or buzzing it most probably needs a new capacitor. Please read this page completely.

Do not be tempted to buy a cheap capacitor for your Saniflo as the majority don’t work, they don’t last long before they blow again. We have removed inferior capacitors bought from Maplins and capacitors which are meant for flourescent light tubes from Saniflo’s we have worked on, these are not good enough for a Saniflo, ours are the correct ones and are heavy duty, you will not be disappointed.

A capacitor is located in the electrical control box attached to the side of the motor. The Saniflo motor needs a capacitor to start it, the capacitor can be damaged if your macerator has been blocked and the motor has been running continuously.

Other reasons for a capacitor to break can be down to wear and tear, old age. After fitting a new capacitor you will notice an improvement in your macerator pump.

If you wish to buy a new capacitor we can supply you a new one in a couple of days, if you are not sure what capacitor you need, please contact us, we have made a list below for your reference

These Capacitors will fit all Saniflo Macerators from 1995 – 2014 models, some older models use the 14uf some of the newer Saniflo’s use 10uf capacitors, the heavy duty commercial Sanibest and Sanispeed use 18uf capacitors. Before ordering please remove your existing capacitor and check the markings on the capacitor match one of the ones below.

The capacitors we sell are Saniflo heavy duty, high quality, durable and will last many years under normal conditions, beware of cheaper alternatives as they are not up to the job like ones from online electrical outlets and other high street stores.


Saniflo Capacitor 10uf or 14uf

Sanitop Capacitor 10uf or 14uf

Sanipro Capacitor 10uf

Sanislim Capacitor 10uf or 14uf

Sanipack Capacitor 10uf or 14uf

Saniplus Capacitor 10uf or 14uf

Sanichasse Capacitor 14uf

Sanivite Capacitor 8uf

Sanishower Capacitor 5uf

Sanispeed Capacitor 18uf

Sanibest Capacitor 18uf

Please Note!
Please make sure you order the correct parts, if you are unsure, please email us for help.
We do not accept correctly supplied electrical goods for return, refund or exchange.
All items are tested before dispatch and cannot be accepted back for refunds.

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