We have a clear, upfront, open and honest pricing system. Our rates are clearly shown here on our website and our engineer will always show a comprehensive description of work carried out and a full breakdown of labour and material charges are shown on all invoices. In instances, where the client is not present, digital photographs can be taken and submitted electronically, along with the invoice.

In a recent study our hourly charges were almost 50% lower than one well known company servicing the same area and very much ‘middle of the road’ when compared to our competitors. Combined with the quality service that we provide, our comprehensive back up service, insurance and guarantee, then our charges are very competitive and great value for money.

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                                                 Mon-Fri         Mon-Fri       Saturday        Sunday
                                                    9am-6pm      6pm-12am      9am-12am       9am-12am

Hourly Labour Charge:                    £65.00            £85.00           £95.00           £100.00

Loo Removal (1)                              £45.00             £45.00           £45.00            £45.00

Removing Boxed in Unit (2)              £45.00             £45.00           £45.00            £45.00

Creating Access Panel (3)                 £75.00             £75.00           £75.00            £75.00

Units in lofts or detached (4)            £45.00             £45.00           £45.00            £45.00

Converting macerators (5)                £45.00             £45.00           £45.00            £45.00

For general local repairs we charge a £45.00 callout fee (local means within 4 miles of N10 3UG) and from £65.00 per hour labour, dependent on time of day. There is a minimum, one hour charge for any visit, followed by 30 minute billing segments.  Non local calls will generate an additional charge of £5 per mile. (Local = 8 mile round trip).

(1)  Minimum surcharge of £45.00 for the removal and refitting of a screwed down toilet.
     Sanicompacts incur this surcharge.

(2)  Minimum surcharge of £45.00 for the removal of a boxed in unit and refitting.

(3)  Minimum surcharge of £75.00 for jig-sawing an access point within a boxed in or tiled area.

(4)  Minimum surcharge of £45.00 for accessing units located in lofts, boxed in areas, crawl spaces etc or where the unit is not directly attached to the loo and easily accessible.

(5)  Minimum surcharge of £45.00 for changing pipe work or converting waste pipe of different macerator types.

(6)  We charge a standard fee of £195.00 for the removal of a damaged unit and the installation of a new macerator during normal weekday hours. 

(7)  Work carried out or started out of hours and at weekends are exempt from the standard fees and the prevailing fees will apply.

This charge does not include the cost of the macerator and is not inclusive of additional charges.

These charges do not include the cost of any replacement parts or new units, if required.

Terms & Conditions can be found at

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