Margate Storms Through The Ages

Early Storms

Margate suffered damage from many winter storms. Chalk cliffs on either side of the original creek at Margate probably formed a small natural harbour with a mouth just wide enough to allow in small vessels. Over the years these cliffs were gradually washed away by the sea and the inhabitants were forced to construct a pier to provide protection for shipping, and to construct walls or jetties of timber along the shore line to prevent the houses around the creek from being flooded. In 1646 it was reported that ‘the best and greatest part [of the sea defences], having had no reparation and maintenance, by violent rage of the sea hath been taken away since, as also many houses there and highwayes, by the outbreakings of the sea thrown down and carried away, to the undoing of many the inhabitants’ and this ‘threatens the destruction of the Town’. Again in 1691 it was reported that ‘on the 10th and 13th days of October and the 8th of December last, by the violent blowing of the north-west wind, part of the pier called the “New Pier” was carried away, and that part of the town which is guarded by the pier and jetties, is so laid open that it is expected to be washed away if the wind should blow fresh at north-west. Things did not improve until an Act of Parliament was passed in 1725 to enable the Pier-wardens of the Town of Margat, in the County of Kent, more effectually to recover the ancient and accustomary Droits, for the Support and Maintenance of the said Pier. The Pier and Harbour at Margate were maintained under this Act until 1787 when Margate’s first Improvement Bill was passed, the Bill including provision for the rebuilding of the Pier. .

Early storms
The storm of January 14 and 15 1808
The location of Hazardous Row
The storm of November 24 1877
The storm of November 29 1897
The Marine Palace
The loss of the Friend to all Nations
The storm of January 7 1905
The storm of March 1906 
The storm of February 12 1938 
Jetty in war time 
The storm of February 1 1953 
Rebuilding the Lighthouse 1955 
Snow storm 1956 
Frozen sea January 1963 
Jetty Fire 1964 
The storm of January 11 1978 
The storm of February 14 1979 
The end of the Jetty 1979-1998