If Things Go Wrong!
In the first instance call the owners.  If you have to leave a message, please ensure it is a clear and detailed discription of the fault or mishap.  Follow this up with a text message, whereupon, we will endeavour to return your call/text as soon as possible. 

angry man-2 med

Don’t panic, unless of course the house is on fire, in which case, It is suggested you beat a hasty retreat, not forgetting your partner or children, unless you have good reasons for omitting to inform them of your departure!

The cottage has 2 toilets, 2 wash-basins, 1 shower and 1 bath and a combi boiler providing constant hot water.  In the unlikely event of a failure it is taken for granted that the guests will make do with the remaining facilities.

The owners will of course endeavour to have the fault rectified at the earliest opportunity.