British Gas - Ecogen CHP Boiler

          Ecogen - Generation A+ rated boiler

  • Generates free electricity for you as well as doing the job of a regular boiler.
  • Puts you more in control of your electricity needs.
  • Ecogen can generate up to 30% of your electricity needs*.
  • It generates 1kW of electricity every hour to run your household appliances.
  • 1kW is enough to power ten 20W light bulbs, your TV, computer and washing machine.
  • Benefit from the government scheme called Feed-in-Tariff. (FiT)
  • You get 10p for every kW of electricity the boiler generates and an additional 3p per kW for any unused electricity that you feed back to the national grid.
  • Payments are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Only 30,000 grants available from the government so hurry now!
  • The Ecogen boiler is simple to install, just needing a single electricity supply.
  • British Gas engineers and the boiler are both Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited, so you can be sure the installation will meet the required standards and qualify for the Feed-in-Tariff.
  • Over a million test hours have also been completed.
  • The Ecogen is a regular boiler that contains a Stirling engine. The gas burner fires up the Stirling engine which moves a piston inside a ring of magnets to generate electricity. This is very similar to how a car alternator works.
  • Generates significant amounts of low carbon electricity.
  • Cost effective energy efficiency device.
  • Current technology suited to larger homes, however smaller homes could be accommodated providing it has an attached garage or other suitable installation location.
  • You will need a load bearing wall to install the Ecogen boiler.
  • The Ecogen needs to be installed on the ground floor and cannot be installed above kitchen units.
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