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Carbon Monoxide Monitoring/Shut Off System Launched.

Baxi has launched NoCO, currently the only Gas Safe approved carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring/shut off system able to monitor for dangerous CO levels within flues in voids that will shut down a boiler if CO is detected. 
NoCO is a void monitoring safety shut-off system (COSSVM) compatible with any boiler make or model.

It provides an approved alternative to the installation of inspection hatches as detailed in the Gas Safe Technical Bulletin 008 (Edition 3).

Gas industry guidance which came into effect in the UK on 1 January 2013 requires any registered gas safe engineer to recommend the installation of inspection hatches in buildings where part of the flue system cannot be seen, for example when concealed in ceiling voids, floor voids or behind false walls. In these cases, a gas engineer should classify the boiler as ‘At Risk’ and with the responsible person’s permission, turn the boiler off until inspection hatches are fitted. NoCO is the first and only alternative to fitting inspection hatches, which fully complies with the Preferred Industry Options, detailed in part I of the TB008.

A sensor fitted within the void provides constant CO detection. NoCO provides an additional level of protection for property owners that do not have, nor agree to have, inspection hatches installed. If the void sensor detects CO it will automatically shut down the entire boiler system and set off an audible alarm. The boiler then cannot be reset until a Gas Safe engineer is called out to investigate the source of the CO.

The NoCO solution itself is made up of a control system and several sensors. The exact solution configuration will depend on the individual property’s need.

Jonathan Tedstone, Product Manager at Baxi, commented: “Before NoCO, inspection hatches were the sole option for a registered gas engineer when a flue was situated within a void. The NoCO system means permanent monitoring for CO, a quicker installation time for engineers, as well as a lower combined cost overall compared to fitting inspection hatches. Though there are other CO detectors on the market, currently none have been authorised by Gas Safe as an alternative to inspection hatches and no other known solution will actually shut an unsafe boiler down.”

Each sensor can be connected wirelessly to a control unit, which is wired in between the fuse spur and boiler. Detection of CO from any paired sensor will send a signal to the control unit, which will set off an audible alarm, and remove the power supply to the boiler.

Carbon monoxide is produced by the incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, due to insufficient oxygen supply. A sealed flue will ensure this highly poisonous, odourless, colourless gas is expelled safely. Inspection of the flue is now a mandatory requirement. Today, NoCO is the only alternative solution to hatches that complies with Gas Safe guidance.

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