washing machine repairman

I have a clear, upfront, open and honest pricing system. My rates are clearly shown here on my website and invoices will show a comprehensive description of work carried out and a full breakdown of labour and material charges are shown on all invoices. 

In a recent study my hourly charges were 45% lower than several competitors servicing the same area. Combined with the quality service that I provide, my comprehensive back up service, insurance and guarantee, I know my charges are very competitive and great value for money.

                                                      Mon-Fri          Mon-Fri         Saturday           Sunday         Holidays
                                                                   9am-5pm             5pm-6pm           9am-12pm            9am-12pm          9am-5pm

1st 30 minutes:                                £65.00             £85.00            £85.00            £95.00         £105.00

Hourly Labour Charge:                    £75.00             £85.00            £85.00            £85.00          £95.00
New Installation:*                          £115.00           £125.00          £135.00          £145.00        £165.00

Move to Street Level:**                   £25.00             £25.00            £25.00            £25.00          £25.00

Appliance Disposal: ***                    £45.00             £45.00            £45.00            £45.00          £45.00

Built in Units: ****                            £35.00             £35.00            £35.00            £35.00         £35.00

  • Attendance and diagnostics charge of £65.00 for the initial 30 minutes.
  •  Followed by a charge of £75.00 per hour. 
  • For a straight forward replacement of new machine for old without any alterations.*
  • Old units can be moved to street level for collection, usually no more than one floor.**
  • There is a minimum surcharge of £45.00 for the disposal of appliances.***
  • There is a minimum surcharge of £35.00 for the works on built in units.****
  • In the absence of free parking or permits being provided, parking charges are added to the bill.
  • These charges do not include the cost of any parts, replacement parts or the new unit!
  • Some of the 'extras’ prices are open to negotiation, especially if you make a nice cup of coffee!
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