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We have a clear, upfront, open and honest pricing system. Our rates are clearly shown here on our website and our engineer will always show a comprehensive description of work carried out and a full breakdown of labour and material charges are shown on all invoices. 

In a recent study our hourly charges were 45% lower than several competitors servicing the same area. Combined with the quality service that we provide, our comprehensive back up service, insurance and guarantee, our charges are very competitive and great value for money.


                                                      Mon-Fri          Mon-Fri         Saturday           Sunday         Holidays
                                                                   9am-5pm             5pm-6pm           9am-12pm            9am-12pm          9am-5pm

1st 30 minutes:                                £65.00             £85.00            £85.00            £95.00         £105.00

Hourly Labour Charge:                    £75.00             £85.00            £85.00            £85.00          £95.00
New Installation:*                          £115.00           £125.00          £135.00          £145.00        £165.00

Move to Street Level:**                   £25.00             £25.00            £25.00            £25.00          £25.00

Appliance Disposal: ***                    £45.00             £45.00            £45.00            £45.00          £45.00

Built in Units: ****                            £35.00             £35.00            £35.00            £35.00         £35.00

  • Attendance and diagnostics charge of £65.00 for the initial 30 minutes, followed by a charge of £75.00 per hour. 
  • For a straight forward replacement of new machine for old without any alterations.*
  • Old units can be moved to street level for collection, usually no more than one floor.**
  • There is a minimum surcharge of £45.00 for the disposal of appliances.***
  • There is a minimum surcharge of £35.00 for the works on built in units.****
  • In the absence of free parking or permits being provided, parking charges are added to the bill.
  • These charges do not include the cost of any parts, replacement parts or the new unit!
  • Some of the 'extras’ prices are open to negotiation, especially if you make a nice cup of coffee!

Local repair charges are £65.00 for the first 30 minutes, followed by the prevailing hourly rate.
(Local means within an 8 mile round trip starting from N10 3UG)

Non local call outs will generate an additional charge of £5.00 per mile overall.)

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