Washing Machine Door Won’t Open

washing machine

This is one of the most frustrating faults to get, especially if your clothes are stuck inside the washing machine. Lots of people force the door open out of frustration and cause extra expense. There are many reasons why the door may be jammed shut -Some door locks are time delayed so make sure you have waiting a couple of minutes before proceeding. Most washers will detect when there is still water in the machine and prevent the door opening. Check also that that isn’t the case.

You will then have to check interlock itself. Depending on the model, access to it can either be from underneath by lying the washer on its side, or by removing the top cover and putting your hand down the front. Make sure the appliance is unplugged before doing this as there are bare wires around that area that could electrocute you.

The interlock is behind the hole where the door catch enter the main case. Sometimes the lock is controlled mechanically and there is a cable connected to it which can be pulled and disengaged.

Do not take the lid of the machine off and reach inside to try and release the door if the washing machine is plugged in as you will most probably be electrocuted!

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