Error Codes: Hotpoint

E10: No cold fill - check that the cold inlet tap is not turned off, or the inlet pipe is not kinked.

E11: No hot fill - check tap and hose as above.

E12: No Mixed fill - same checks as above, or possibly the inlet valve is faulty

washing machine

E13: water inlet fault, or filling too slowly, similar checks to above.

E14: water not heating - check heater element or Thermister (NTC).

E15: Water not pumping out, or pumping out too slowly. Check pump for obstruction or foreign objects jamming pump, or kinked drain hose, or blocked outlet/U-BEND.

E16: Very high water level - turn off water supply, and have inlet valve checked or replaced, or water level sensor checked/replaced.

E17: Door not closing properly, or door interlock faulty.

E20/21: THERMISTOR resistance drifted out of range (faulty), or ambient temperature below freezing.

E30/31: Motor problem - check motor brushes, drive belt, tachometer or tachometer magnet, motor relay or PCB (TRIAC motor control).

E40: Water level too low during heating cycle - check supply or inlet valve, or float level sensor. Check water pressure is high enough to fill within time limits of logic checks.

E41: Water level detect sequence error - check items above for E40, plus jammed pump.

E50/51: Model specific language and programmer codes have not been loaded/saved in programmer memory correctly. The machine will run on programmer common defaults (1000rpm spin and English). Book an engineer to reprogram the unit.

F01: Aquarius and Ultima models may show this. It could be a faulty motor or motor control board. The motor tachometer could also be faulty. Some machines have a little rotating magnet and sensor, and the magnet can become detached (not sure about these though on this model). 
NOTE: if this code is not constant, and tending to come up during spin, check the drive belt for wear or slack, and check the motor brushes.

F04: possible filling or water level problem. Check water inlet pipe (or shut-off valve), or the outlet pipe, or the pump or pump filter if accessible (check for blockages or foreign objects). Also could be the water valve solenoid weak, causing filling to be too slow.

F05: possible draining (pumping off) problem, check the pump filter, or pump, outlet pipe, or U-BEND.

F07: Heater control or heater relay, or heater element problem.

F08: Heater control or NTC (Thermistor) temperature sensor problem.

F11: Pump related. Pump not able to empty water correctly. More blockages to check for: something inside the pump stopping it or reducing it speed. Sump hose blocked between the outer drum and the pump. Outlet hose blocked between the machine and the U-BEND. The pump could also be weak, pumping too slowly, or intermittent.

F13: (some washer/driers e.g. WDD906) - this means Thermistor or Blower motor fault. HOWEVER - this can just be the blower-unit intake filter blocked up, causing the blower unit to overheat. 

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