Washing Machine Error Codes

Modern washing machines are controlled by computer modules. Many of these contain their own fault diagnosis, and will be able to monitor certain aspects of the hardware. If one of the modules detects a fault in the equipment, or the module itself fails to respond to the main controller, the board will show an error message. This will be extremely meaningful to an engineer with a code book but not so much to the home user. Sometimes you can get the meaning of these codes from the manufacturer or their website. Often this is a closely guarded secret to ensure work for their engineers.

Demo/Test Mode 
A common problem observed with modern washers is for them to go into demo mode (also sometimes shows as test mode). This is a mode designed for showrooms, and as most don't have plumbing will usually go to the spin cycle no matter what programme you put it on. This is usually inadvertently activated by a combination of button presses. The most common is pressing OK and Cancel (or equivalent buttons) at the same time. This same combination normally turn off the demo mode.

What is a washing machine error code?

Well, most modern day washing machines come equipped with a printed circuit board (PCB) that behaves like a small computer. This not only provides the program selection to operate the machine but has service information to help diagnose problems.

On your control panel facia, you may have and LED of LCD readout. During normal operation this will indicate the program selection or time to wash or even the temperature of your wash. In the event of a washing machine failure, this readout will show an error code.

If you look in the back of your user handbook you may see some examples of error codes and their meaning. Some manufacturers prefer not to divulge this information so you may have to refer to the appliance repair help blog you are now reading. We hope to bring some examples of washing machine error codes here but if your machine is not covered let us know and we may be able to help.

Some of the earlier washing machines didn’t use led / lcd readouts but and led lamps. The led lights signified an error code based on the sequence the lights where lit. They can be On, Off or Flashing.

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