Washing Machine Not Filling

If the washing machine is not filling up and moving to the next part of the cycle quickly, this indicates that the water level sensors are not working and telling the washer that it is full.
If the washer is not filling up and is doing nothing, this indicates that there is something stopping the water reaching the washer.

First check that water is getting to the washer by making sure the water taps are turned on for both the hot and cold supplies. These are usually located just before the end of the pipes where the washer is connected. Next check that there is a good supply getting to the washer. Turn the taps off then disconnect the pipes from the back of the washer. Put these into a bucket or the sink, then turn the taps back on and check there is a good supply coming through. If not, check the washer pipes aren’t blocked by disconnecting theses from the main plumbing. Again put a bucket over the end of the metal pipes and test the supply.

If these are OK, check that the washer‘s valves are working. These are usually located not far from the start of the inlet pipes. It can be hard to tell if these are working, but at the point where the washer starts to fill you can sometimes hear a click or a humming noise when they are activated.

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