Replacing Door Seal

Replacing a door seal is not a difficult job, but can be very fiddly. The seal bridges the drum with the outer case, and as such is connected to both parts. When the washer door is closed, the door pushes against the rubber forming a seal and prevents any leaks. For this reason, the end of the seal connected to the outer case does not need to be water tight, only the end connected to the case. The end connected to the case just clips on, that is there is a groove in the end that pushes on to a metal lip in the outer case. The end connected to the drum is attached in a similar way but is sealed by the use of a large jubilee clip, or similar plastic clip.

Removing the Old Seal
Firstly, find how best to access the inside where the seal joins the drum. Sometime you can gain good access by lying the washer on its side and working from the washer’s underneath. Sometime the easiest way is to remove the front of the seal, simply by pulling and unhooking the seal from the outer case, then push the seal down so that you can get access to the jubilee clip through the centre hole. Slacken the jubilee clip, so that you can push it off the rubber. You should then be able to pull and unhook the seal from the drum. You can then remove the seal from the washer.

Installing the New Seal
Installation is the opposite of removal. You should first put the seal in position between the drum and outer case. Push the seal onto the drum and clip on so it is securely attached. Pull the jubilee clip over the rubber and tighten to provide the seal. Push the seal onto the outer case and clip on securely. Put the washer on a quick wash then check for leaks.

Before you (usually men) attempt to replace the seal make sure the electricity is disconnected and unless you are very sure of your skills, don’t start, because it isn’t as easy as the video suggests and in some cases, the front panel of the washing machine is welded into place and not screwed in, as in the video, making the fitting of the seal very, very difficult and the lady of the house will not be best pleased with your well intentioned endeavours if you leave her washing machine in pieces on the floor!!! 

Please note that all the advice given is intended only as a guide and that no responsibility for loss or damage will be accepted as a result of implementation of such advice.

If you are a man, ask a female if she thinks you're as able as you obviously think you are, if the answer is unhappily no, then take her advice and leave it to a repairman. Under no circumstances remove the top cover, the back cover, or attempt to gain access to the underside of the washing machine when the electricity supply is still connected. If you do look inside the washing machine, always disconnect the power completely rather than just switching it off at the switch as there may be an error in the house wiring that means that the live side of the supply is still running through the washing machine!

If you are divorcing and your wife states that you are competent enough to repair the washing machine, when previously, she hadn't trusted you to boil an egg, beware, she may be attempting to save on lawyer and burial  fees by hoping you will touch a live connection, thereby granting her a 'quickie' divorce  and cremating yourself prematurely into the bargain!

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