Shaking Washing Machine!

As always, before starting make sure the washer is unplugged.

Some washers have back feet which are self levelling. This means that if you simply raise then lower the machine, the feet will automatically level themselves. First try this by tilting the machine forward so the back feet are three to four inches off the floor. Most feet are adjusted by turning them. They are basically a nut with a rather large head that screws into the bottom of the washer. Therefore turning them will raise or lower them. Some will have a lock nut that prevents the feet from moving. If you have one of these models, you must obviously first slacken the nut. 

Place a spirit level across the top of the washer in between the two back feet. If your washer has self levelling back feet, then these should already be level. Otherwise use an adjustable wrench to adjust one of the feet until the back two feet are level. 

Next place the spirit level on top of the washer between the front and back on the left side of the washer. Adjust the front foot to bring this level with the back foot. Repeat this for the right side. 

If your washer has locknuts, then you should now tighten them. It is better to adjust the feet to be shorter rather than longer. The lower the centre of gravity, the more stable it will be. Many people suggest placing a rug or bit or carpet under the washer. This can help by dampening any vibration, or where the actual foor is uneven such as on concrete. 

If the washer still walks after it has been levelled, then the problem most likely lies with the floor. Either that or it really is possessed and a priest should be called!

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