Anti Flood Device
Prevents flooding if a leak is detected.

Balanced Spinning
A sensor monitors the drum when spinning to make sure it is in balance. If it goes out, it will adjust the speed or drop the speed until it comes back into balance. An unbalanced load will cause the machine to vibrate and/or walk. By stopping this, it protects the machine from wear and tear as well as reducing noise.

Made to be ‘built in’ to the kitchen, inside a cabinet with a matching fascia. Due to size restrictions there may be a limited choice.

Made to be ‘built under’ the kitchen such as under a worktop but still visible with no fascia hiding the front. Intended to be placed between other units.

Child Lock
Disables the buttons from working so that curious little fingers don’t interrupt the wash.

Cold Fill
Machine will only fill with cold water, and so only has one connection. This is better for removing stains as heating the water gradually won't set them. Cycle can take longer while water is heated and can cost more than using water from an efficient boiler.

Device found in Dyson machines only, consisting of two drums rotating in opposite directions to give a better wash.

Delayed Start / Timer 
Allows you to delay the start of the cycle so you can have the washer run at a more convenient time.

Either electronic with cycles selected by pressing buttons, or the older style with a selector dial.

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