Integrated W/M's

Washing machines can either be freestanding or integrated. Integrated washing machines as the name suggests, are designed to be integrated into the kitchen, usually hidden in a cupboard. Freestanding are designed to be placed more in the open.
For this reason there are a number of differences between the two.
Integrated washing machines have a fascia added to the front to match the surrounding kitchen, with the controls positioned to allow for this. They are also designed to allow for a plinth. 
They are designed to fit into a kitchen cabinet, they are usually smaller than a free standing equivalent.
Of course if your cabinets are large enough you can use a free standing washing machine and integrate it yourself.

One of the downsides to integrated washing machines is the lack of access. If you need to get to the back or take the top off, this can be a job in itself.

Also because of the additional requirements, when buying an integrated washing machine the cost can be considerably more than an ‘off the shelf’ one.

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