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Combi boilers, as they're commonly known, provide central heating and instantaneous hot water at the turn of a tap. The combi heats only the water you use, so its economical, yet won't run out of hot water - no waiting for a cylinder to heat up and there are no tanks or pipes that can freeze up in the loft. The combi is ideal for today's modern lifestyles, and space saving too.

These boilers provide both instant hot water and central heating, but not at the same time. They are “hot water priority” which means when hot water is being run there is no heat output to the radiators. These boilers are ideal in smaller homes where space is at a premium or where the demand for hot water is not too great.
These are not recommended for houses with more that one bathroom due to the flow rate which can only feed one tap at a time.

In larger homes, or if there is a need for stored hot water you can install these with a "S-Plan" system, then just use the instant water at one or two taps and a cylinder to feed one or two bathrooms.

Some combination boilers supply hot water quicker that others. This is mainly because some store a small amount of hot water, so when the hot tap is run the stored water is used first. Others have to start up from cold which could mean running a lot of cold water before the hot water gets to the tap. it is recommended to get a 28KW output as a lower output affects the hot water temperature

Careful consideration as to the location of a combination boiler is essential. It should be fitted as close to the taps as possible. (halfway between the kitchen & bathroom would be ideal) If a combination boiler is fitted a long way from the taps, a lot of water will be wasted waiting for the hot water to reach them.

These boilers are very popular at present mainly because they are very easy to install and all the necessary components are built in, plus there is no need for any tanks. (Designed to work on a sealed system) However, the water temperature is normally limited to just under 60deg °C, and that is at a low water flow rate. At higher water flow rates the temperature will be lower depending on the temperature of the water coming in from the mains, Normally these will raise the water temperature about 35C at 12 litres per minute.  This type of boiler is very cheap to run, but can also be troublesome and expensive to repair if faults occur. You may also find that a lot of installers can't repair this type of boiler, so if you are going to have a combination boiler fitted, ask when you are getting quotes about the maintenance. If the installer can't or won't repair it then try someone else who can maintain the appliance

Some manufacturers are now making combination boilers that are designed to be replaced after 5 years, the idea is to sell them cheap so that if they break down it will not be worth repairing them!