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Quantum leap in pump technology

Around 70 to 90 million heating pumps are in use throughout Europe. Although they are frequently scarcely considered to be energy consumers, the sheer magnitude of their use does in fact result in colossal electricity consumption. They account for 35 to 50 billion KWh every year corresponding to around one percent of the annual primary energy requirement in Germany. Here there is huge scope for savings, which can now be utilised. At the ISH 2001, Wilo GmbH Dortmund presented a new pump type for the first time which reduces electricity consumption by up to 80 percent compared to standard pumps. This technology which is revolutionary for the heating sector, could save up to 3 whole power stations in the medium term.

The key for this massive reduction in energy consumption is in the motor technology. Up to now, wet running pumps with asynchronous motors were always used in heating systems. These pumps are quiet and require no maintenance, but their motor design means that they cannot go beyond a certain efficiency level. The Wilo-Stratos pump is different. Here for the first time a highly efficient EC motor is used which combines the advantages of wet running pumps with unbeatable efficience.

The energy consumption of a pump in relation to the procurement costs is and always will be a major factor. The new "high-efficiency pump" Wilo-Stratos will have paid for itself after already about two years, depending on its use. As a rule there are several pumps operating in one building, so that this innovation gives building operators considerable potential for reducing costs.

All over the world, the most important countries have joined forces to reduce world-wide emissions of CO2. In view of the large number of heating pumps, the new pump generation by Wilo can make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gases. In this way, the company has made a quantum leap in the development of energy-saving heating technology.