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Fox & Co undertake all Saniflo sales, repairs, servicing, installations and cleaning.

We charge a £45.00 callout fee and £65.00 per hour for local repairs. We have a minimum charge per visit of £110.00, but if we have to return for any reason, there is no additional callout charge, only the hourly rate, providing the return visit is related to the original repair.

No matter how smelly or blocked up your unit is Fox and Co can quickly vacuum the foul smelling liquids away in order to gain access to the macerator and carry out an effective repair. Work areas are sanitized after completion of works and an air-freshener used to eradicate any remaining odours.

We are also able to work on macerators which have been boxed in and tiled by cutting an access panel via the grouting, Once the repair is completed the access panel is replaced and siliconed into position, thereby causing no damage to the tiles and providing an access panel for any future forays.

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