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Unvented Hot Water Systems

Fox & Co can install an unvented hot water system such as the Megaflo which is widely regarded as the brand leader in unvented domestic water heating. It offers levels of performance that are quite simply unrivalled by the competition with flow rates of up to 72 litres per minute. Whether it's a single bedsit, a luxury family home or a busy sports club shower complex, Megaflo ensures a constant supply of high power hot water; day in and day out, year after year.  Contact us now for an estimate or more information.

General Information
Copper cylinders have been used to store hot water in British homes for more than 90 years.

The advantages of copper as a material in hot water systems are unrivalled and have been proven many times over. Its resistance to corrosion and heat transfer capability are properties which make copper a natural and ideal metal used universally throughout British plumbing practice. Indeed, there are currently over 20 million copper hot water systems installed in the UK.

An emerging demand is now being seen for unvented hot water storage cylinders and the same properties that have made copper synonymous with domestic hot water in Great Britain apply equally in unvented packages.

The traditional British domestic hot water supply system, in which water is heated and stored for use, is based on cold water feed from a storage cistern to a heated cylinder that is vented to the atmosphere. The flow rate and pressure of the hot water discharged from the hot water outlets is then dependent on the height of the storage cistern above the outlets.

The desire to remove cisterns from the roof space means increasing difficulties in meeting consumer demands for modern designs of high performance hot water systems and in particular the growing market for showers, from traditional open vented systems.

Unvented domestic hot water systems can, however, meet these expectations by utilising regulated cold water supplied directly from the mains to the heated storage cylinder. Included with the cylinder is a package of safety devices and controls to regulate temperature and pressures within the system. This type of system can provide flow rates in excess of 25 litres/min thus meeting BS6700 specification for design flow rates of 18 litres/min whilst retaining the facility for simultaneous draw-off from other hot water outlets.

Unvented hot water systems such as the Megaflo work on a simple principle. The cold-water mains are connected directly to the supply units, (taps etc.) providing balanced hot and cold water throughout the home. This prevents the need for a storage tank in the loft, thus eliminating the associated risk of freezing and contamination. As a result, fitting time and expenses are reduced.

Keeping the hot water generated separate from that required for the heating, of the home results in improved efficiency and economy. This is aided by fitting the correct size unit close to the required point of delivery, (e.g. placing the boiler in the kitchen) thus reducing heat loss through long pipe runs, indeed cutting out the need for long pipes altogether. See Diagram

This solution results in fast, safe, economical hot water supplies, enabling power showers without a pump and delivering balanced hot and cold-water pressures throughout the home. 

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