Postcode It!!

In only 9% of cases where something has been stolen is property returned.
Marked property can deter burglars because it's harder for a thief to sell and can help the police to return it if found.

Know your Postcode

Mark items with an indelible identification - showing your postcode and the number of your house or flat or the first two letters of its name - using a permanent etching tool or an ultra violet marker pen. Only use UV marking when other methods would reduce the value of the object, because the mark can fade.

How to Mark your Property

  1. The first half of the postcode indicates your town and district, Muswell Hill is N10.
  2. The last 2 letters pinpoint one street or part of a street therefore Muswell Hill Road is N10 ???.
  3. Mark your valuables using the postcode followed by your house number,