Who and Where
Hillfield Park is a steeply sloping road, running parallel with Muswell Hill. Built in 1900 it comprises 75 terraced houses and over 100 households. Its residents have a panoramic view across the whole of London (St Paul's Cathedral, Post Office Tower, Canary Wharf, Millennium Dome, as far as the Kent countryside). It is North London's Watch Tower.

After a tentative beginning in 1995, a fresh start was made on 6 November 1996 with a meeting at which 10 street coordinators were chosen and one Area Coordinator.

Three Point Business Plan
We decided on a three point business plan:-

to improve communications within Hillfield Park by dividing the area between ten street co-ordinators who should make close contact with their neighbours

to raise awareness of local issues concerning safety and crime prevention by means of a quarterly newsletter, meetings and discussions

to reduce crime and the threat of crime in Hillfield Park by closer contact with the police, Haringey Council, adjacent watches and property-owners.

Crime and Other Concerns
We have about 5 burglaries a year, which is consistent with the rest of Muswell Hill. More worrying are:-

(a) robberies on our adjoining road, Muswell Hill Broadway, in connection with cash-points

(b) noise and disturbances associated with the newly opened FANTAIL AND FIRKIN and

(c) health and safety issues raised by the use of our road as the exit from the very popular car park just off the Broadway.

Our meetings and newsletters have established a network of communications within Hillfield Park and working relations with the police are good. They attend our meetings and have responded well to emergency calls and to requests for advice on crime prevention. They supply crime statistics and tell us what they can about arrests, prosecutions and trends in crime. We are represented at meetings of Muswell Hill Watches and Hornsey Division Watches. We are also in touch with the local Business Watch and major businesses on the Broadway. We have our newsletter duplicated as a complimentary service by ENDSLEIGH INSURERS.

We are in regular contact with Haringey Borough Council, at official level, with local Ward Councillors, and with the Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association. We have contacts on the two local newspapers: Broadway and The Muswell Hill Journal.

Centenary Festival
We are already planning a Hillfield Park Centenary Festival for 28 May 2000 - an Edwardian extravaganza.
Email:         Hillfield 2000

We would welcome contact with members of other Neighbourhood Watches with whom we can share experiences.  
Our Area Coordinator is Peter Thompson,  

9 Hillfield Park, Muswell Hill, London N10 3QT  
0181 883 0371 
Hillfield Park

Hillfield Park turns off the south side of the Broadway and was built by Edmondson over an estate called Hillfield.  From the top Broadway end fine views over London and the Thames Valley are obtained.  The end house, bottom left is dated 1900.  Hillfield Park dog-legs to the west and joins St James's Lane.

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