Martin Kemp  

martinkemp.jpg (16393 bytes) He was the bass player of the band.  He was born two years after his brother, on October 10, 1961. Since the beginning, he and Gary have been very close. When Gary bought his first records, they are the same (Me and my life of the Tremoles) and when Gary began to attend the Anne Scher' s Children' s Theatre, he did the same.
Martin, acheived greatest results to the school of dramatic art getting a part in Play for Today, Jackanory and, in the part of a soccer player, Glittering Prizes.

After seeing a performance of Generation X (a punk group whose singer was Billy Idol) he decided to have an haircut in punk style and to form a band called The Defects

Beyond this, he was particularly interested in soccer, also playing for the young boys team of Arsenal. Unfortunately problems to his knee have forced him to stop his soccer career but the road has opened it towards the one with Spandau.
span2.jpg (67844 bytes) Being a great fan of boxing, he goes crazy for Sugar Ray Leonard. Martin hates to fly: when I'm on an airplane I lower the curtains and I put the headphones of my walkman on my ears. Like Gary, after the group disbanded, he has dedicated his career to acting.
He is married to Shirley, she's Wham! chorus singer, they have two children.




The Krays (1990) (Reggie Kray)

Daydream Believer (1991) (Digby Olsen)

Lost in Time (1992) (Baron Von Frankestein)

Growing Rich (1992) (Driver)

Desire (1992)

Ultimate Desire (1993) (Gordon Lewis)

Aspen Extreme (1993) (Franz Hauser)

Fleshstone (1994) (Mattew Greco)

Embrace of the Vampire (1994) (Vampire)

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Murder Between Friends (1994) (Bill Fontanille)

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Monk Dowson (1996)